DANCE - metal sculpture bronze


Lost wax bronze sculpture created in 1994 by the sculptor Tagliazucchi

Sculpture signed and certified by Artist.

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Size: 56 x 13 x 60 cm. Weight: 5, 5 Kg.

.. If we then look closely at other works of Tagliazucchi's, such as Dance, we can appreciate his capacity for innovation in the never-ending field of plastic equilibrium with all its pitfalls. No longer is there only the flat horizontal and the absolute verticals, but now we also have the "laterals" - sides whose poetry is in their impetus, a vehement yet elegant impulse born of mature, responsible energy...F. Battolini 2001

*Patina (coloration) may vary. Each patina is applied through a detailed chemical process and all done by hand. Each patina is unique and no one is the exact same. Please also keep in mind that due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, colors may appear different on different monitors.

*Orders will take between 4-8 weeks of production time. Each sculpture is created through the intricate Lost Wax Process.