MARBLE MAGNETS  - Pisa "Baptistery"
  • MARBLE MAGNETS  - Pisa "Baptistery"

MARBLE MAGNETS - Pisa "Baptistery"

White Carrara marble ,"Pisa, Baptistery"

Magnet in white Carrara marble, a beautiful memory that you can use to put a reminder in view or use as a paperweight.

Dimensions 1.8 x 2.8 inch.

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The plus of my magnets :

- Customized

- Strong hold to metal surfaces

- Easy to relocate

- Permanently magnetic

- Creativeness

Customizable magnet.

Quantity discounts up to 40% , contact me.

Send me photos of your City for printing on the marble.

Choose Size:

Small:   1.77x 2.87 inch minimum 12 magnets.

Average 2.55x 3.74 inch.minimum  8  magnets

Large     3.93x 5.90 inch.minimum  4  magnets

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Accepted file: TIFF, JPEG, PSD and PDF.

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